Looking for work

After two years working at Array Systems Computing Inc. my contract has come to an end. Array was a great place to work and while there I got to flex my Linux skills, and all the code that I did write ended up in the hands of the customer. While Array was an open source company I would love to now work for an open source project like Democracy or Canonical. If anyone knows of any such openings feel free to pass on my attached resume or contact me.


7 Responses to Looking for work

  1. Soren Hansen says:

    You could check out http://www.ubuntu.com/employment for openings with Canonical.


  2. Corey Burger says:


    I didn’t realize you were in Toronto. Have you hooked up with the Ubuntu Toronto crew yet?


  3. earobinson says:

    I have never gone to one of the toronto lugs since they are always at the same time and that has never worked out for me.

    Thanks Soren, I have looked at those jobs, and many others :)

  4. Rob J. Caskey says:

    Find someone to revise your resume. At a minimum, your experience as a trampoline coach needs to come off, and the proper names of the internal projects should be removed unless they will be recognized by a potential employer.

    It is very important that your resume be as perfect as possible, and perfectly acceptable to have someone else do it for you. That applies equally from construction worker to CEO.

  5. earobinson says:

    I debated weather or not to include the coaching work. Thanks for the feedback. As it stands I’m going to focus on school for the summer, and then who knows what will happen. I would love to one day work for an open source company and am always looking for the right opportunity.

  6. earobinson says:

    They both are its more a matter of qualification since I’m still a student, but those are two projects that I would jump at the chance to work for.

    Instead of government contract work which is open source but will never really reach the public domain.

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