Top 10 Ubuntu Forum Feature Requests

Those of you who know me know I frequent the ubuntu forums quite a lot. As a result I get to see all the things that users are having trouble with as well as all of the new feature requests. These are my top ten ubuntu forum feature requests. As a disclaimer I’m not sure about how feasible all of these ideas are, and I’m also not going to include things like, lets have better divers for X, because that will always be in my top 10. What I am going to post is features that I think could be included for gusty or even gusty +1.

10. [IDEA] Nautilus “Restore from Trash” – This is a very well laid out request while I wouldn’t use it, I’m not even sure that many users, and it would give Ubuntu that extra polish.

9. [IDEA] Modify the installer so that it asks for Timezone instead of City. – Maybe not modify but at least have an option to list a timezone instead of picking the nearest city.

8. [IDEA] Reliable Kill for Fullscreen Applications – Now I know that there are ways to do this, and they where suggested in the thread. But I think what this really brings up is that ubuntu should ship with an easy way to access the System Monitor, I suggest ctrl + alt + delete

7. [IDEA] Auto removal of old kernels – I often hear users saying “why do I have 3 versions of Ubuntu installed on my computer” now while I think its a really bad idea to auto remove old kernels maybe pop up a message that notifies the users that extra kernels have been detected asking them if they want to remove any of the old ones (Personally I always keep two kernels, the current one and the previous one just in case anything goes wrong). It would be best if this program asked the user after the next boot so that they could make sure everything works.

6. [IDEA] Bring back screensaver settings – The new default screen saver configuration gui for Ubuntu wont let you change your screen saver settings. Users don’t want GLText to say the computer name and its Linux version they want to be able to customize it to say “Ubuntu rocks”

5. [IDEA]: Warning about disk being full – Another very common problem users seem to have is that they fill up there disk, and so they can log into gnome now I’m pretty sure that gnome now gives a more friendly error before it logs you out, but a lot of users have beryl installed so they are unable to see this error. Also its a bit late to warn the user after the disk is full don’t you think. It would be great if users could be warned, before the disk was full.

4. [IDEA] External Monitor Support – I’m pretty sure I have seen programs that do this, but a nice little gnome applet would be perfect.

3. [idea] Fix the delay when searching in Synaptic – It is very easy on the ubuntu forums to find someone looking for package X, I’m sure I have answered hundreds of these questions in the past. When I get a question like this I usually fire up synaptic (actually most of the time it sits open in my task bar) and I search for key words, or if I’m pretty sure I know the program name I search for the program name. Synaptic search is a bit slow, now I know that there are 21382 packages in my repository at the time of this post but still, I can search my music, around 6000 songs, faster than that. I’m not sure if its possible to include this feature but its one that I would love to see.

2. [IDEA] Graphical Frontend for xorgconfig (dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg) – I’m pretty sure that this one is in the works, in fact I was even going to point it out to the guy who posted the thread but some one beat me to it. This is one of the biggest problems that users seem to have is configuring there displays, and I must say after installing the propitiatory nvidia drivers I haven’t looked back at all since I’m now able to configure my box with the nvidia-settings tool.

1. Allow Us To Vote (like ideastorm, digg, etc.) On Ideas Here. – To me this would be a great way to connect the developers to the users. Now I know the problem is that a lot of features would get suggested that could not be done for whatever reason. So I suggested having a little vote for this idea button, kind of like the thanks button this would would at least let the forum ambassadors know what the users want so they could let developers know.

These are all just features that I have found while browsing the forums and I know that there are better ways to suggest features, I just thought it would be fun to keep a list of what users where asking for.


22 Responses to Top 10 Ubuntu Forum Feature Requests

  1. eolo999 says:

    These are all nice ideas…
    Why don’t you submit them to launchpad blueprints? it’s an useful instrument to let developers know about people ideas and needs.

  2. earobinson says:

    lol look at the bottom of the post. “These are all just features that I have found while browsing the forums and I know that there are better ways to suggest features, ” Feel free to submit any that you think are good, you can even cut and paste what I wrote if you like.

    Just make sure that you search to see if the idea is all ready included or not before you do submit them.

  3. Martin "mhb" Böhm says:

    Wow! Collecting ideas from the forums is a really good idea – the busy developers have little time for that. Do you know about someone who can make a “Top 10 Kubuntu Feature Requests” list? I would so like to see that one as well.

  4. earobinson says:

    Martin “mhb” Böhm, Im pretty sure that the forum ambassadors are the ones who will report the ideas from the forums to the devs, but Ill keep an eye out for kubuntu requests, haven’t seen any as of yet that stick out in my mind.

    Thanks for the feed back!

  5. anonymous says:

    Oh well, my idea #1, fix more bugs than ever for gutsy! Ubuntu already has a lot of useful tools, but they are useless if they don’t work, for example: network-manager, restricted-driver-manager. I get frequently upset because of the release of tools like these ones not polished until perfection! They are so broken most of the times….

  6. Eric says:

    Fantastic list there. All of them are great and would make the move easier for new users.

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  8. earobinson says:

    anonymous, fixing bugs is great, they just aren’t new features.

    Can anyone tell if the Spanish? post is spam?

  9. Murat Gunes says:

    The following are the specs were put together by the Forum Ambassadors team and discussed in UDS-Sevilla:

  10. earobinson says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Murat Gunes

  11. Benoit Caccinolo says:

    Great idea list!

    IMO the last one is the most important to be able to realize the others.


  12. anonym says:

    triple wow for pushing proprietary crap like nvidia in such a list.
    you are no longer running a _free_ os.

  13. earobinson says:

    Benoit Caccinolo It was designed to be a countdown from 10 to 1 with 1 being the most important like bug number 1, Sorry if that dident come across.

    anonym Ubunt has always had proprietary drivers and that tool comes with the nvidia proprietary drivers.

  14. tabgilbert says:

    Excellent Suggestions.

  15. erik says:

    All except the voting idea is good. The sample is not representative of the target group you are trying to understand. It’s seriously too skewed to be taken seriously in any way. It simply does not work, except as a form of community VENTING.

  16. earobinson says:

    erik I have mixed views on #1 also, but I think something useful could come of it

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  18. Fredrik says:

    My top “feature” I want is that they fix all the bugs the introduced…

    Broken DHCP, TCP Window bug, X freezing all the time …

  19. Hale M. Jones says:

    My vote for a top feature would be that all development teams consider that all reported bugs be fixed before working on a new feature, and that feature work would cease when a new bug was reported. It really is a shame that reported bugs may show up through several ‘new releases’

    Other where and when : keep up the good work and have a good day!

  20. zorse says:

    Some of you mentioned is not even related to what Ubuntu’s devs have control over.

    Anything involving the Gnome desktop environment has to go through the gnome development team before it will never see the light of day. The raped x-screensaver (from a quote I read they believe that any screensaver with changeable options is broken), they refuse to add a “restore from trash” option, and their task manager has always sucked.

  21. earobinson says:

    zorse you raise a good point, This was just an observation and I posted it into the public domain so that whoever wanted to implement these features could.

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