Any press is good press?

When the pale blue “Linux car,” also known as car #77 from Chastain Motorsports, was the first car to crash in the 91st Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, we can imagine hordes of geeks wishing it had been a “Vista car” instead. Imagine the “blue screen of death” jokes that could have resulted!

Hey at least we are getting the linux name out, I’m sure no can name (without google) the car that came 72nd


5 Responses to Any press is good press?

  1. nixternal says:

    Jon Herb came in 32nd, only because he is from Chicago with me :) Plus I follow autoracing, but your point is very well made. We can go and say at least 99% of the geeks don’t know :)

  2. earobinson says:

    I expected someone to chime in soon. But Im glad you got to point. and Im willing to bet that the linux car will still get more coverage.

  3. Jonas says:

    Yes, Linux crashed… and of course it was because of a bad driver.

  4. Perhaps the worse advocacy move I have seen in a long time…

    Noise, gas, pollution. Is that how we want Linux promoted ?

  5. earobinson says:

    “Yes, Linux crashed… and of course it was because of a bad driver.” lol I love it.

    @Fabian, at least all the cars ran on ethanol this year reducing emissions.

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