There has been a revolution! Democracy is now Miro!

Democracy is now Miro, today I did my updates and was welcomed with the new Miro player, I must say I haven’t noticed any real changes, In fact they don’t even seem to list any real on there blog (just little things here and there), but the one thing I can say is the update was flawless and its great to see a for profit company coming out with great open source software people getting paid to make open source software.

Long live Miro!


5 Responses to There has been a revolution! Democracy is now Miro!

  1. elmargol says:

    Miro is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation, a non-profit organization.

  2. Stuart says:

    Are you typo-ing for a reason? Apart from the title and the url you’ve called it Mrio everytime :P

    Long live Mister IO.

  3. earobinson says:

    elmargol thanks for the comment I did not know that, I knew they paid the devs and made a bad assumption.

  4. Ronnie says:

    Hey, thanks for turning me to Miro (the application formerly known as Democracy). Hadn’t used it before and really quite like it! :)

    I’ve noticed it’s video site searches are a bit weird, you search for something you KNOW is there yet it doesn’t seem to show up in the results. But anyway… it’s still a preview. A minor niggle

    Thanks for mentioning Mrio! <– sarcastic dig ;P

  5. earobinson says:

    oops guess thats what happens when you use cut and paste ;(

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