Im a pouncer

2007/07/05 3:21:01

Well I just got my pounce invite and so Im now a pouncer, seeing as I love digg I figured I would love pounce, so far no, but they do promises to have a linux version coming so who knows. Well im now looking for pounce frends so add me, the names earobinson :).


Any press is good press?

2007/05/30 1:43:33

When the pale blue “Linux car,” also known as car #77 from Chastain Motorsports, was the first car to crash in the 91st Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, we can imagine hordes of geeks wishing it had been a “Vista car” instead. Imagine the “blue screen of death” jokes that could have resulted!

Hey at least we are getting the linux name out, I’m sure no can name (without google) the car that came 72nd

60 Minutes: One Laptop Per Child (Video)

2007/05/21 16:39:08

Link to Google video.